How it works 

Initial Consultation 

I offer an initial free telephone consultation. This is to give you the chance to see if I am the right therapist for you and if you would feel comfortable to work with me. It also gives me the chance to understand your issues and how we might work together. 
My working week is flexible and I know that once you have decided to go ahead with therapy it is important to get started as soon as possible. 
Counselling Rooms in Bromley

Counselling and Psychotherapy 

Counselling targets specific problems and issues that you have in a shorter time frame. An initial 8 sessions are offered with the option to extend this if you feel it is necessary. The therapy sessions are focused on the main issue and all the work takes place around that. 
Psychotherapy is a longer term form of therapy which looks at your life more in-depth in relation to the issues you have. Psychotherapy is concerned with restructuring the way you think, feel and behave by understanding and transforming the unconscious thought patterns which often control and limit our lives. 


Working together, the goal is to facilitate some kind of positive change or shift in what is going on for you. Therapy can cause anxiety and the feeling of vulnerability when changes or a realisation takes place. Often clients feel that therapy is becoming 'too much'. However, this is quite natural and is just the process of change taking place and your thought patterns trying to adapt to a different way or thinking. 
Your unconscious and subconscious mind have worked together for a long time, repeating old patterns to ensure your survival. Old habits will keep pulling you back to historic thinking which is where it feels safe and comfortable no matter how misguided, painful and unhelpful the results may be to your personal life. This is a natural process but in a safe and supported environment you can begin to explore a new way of thinking that can be healthier and more fulfilling for you. 
To discuss how counselling may be able to help you - call me now on: 07734 305 290 
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